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Jack Russell's Great White  

Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Vocals,
Keyboards, and

  Touring the US from 2013 to present as headliner and support act. First release on iTunes, "Hard Habit", album for 2015 forthcoming.
Tony Cardenas-Montana   Solo album   2015 follow up to the release of "Tombstone Shuffle", with collection of material done solo and with co-writers. 2015 album forthcoming.
Twenty Two Hundred   Lead Vocals   The Austrlian band and Tony have recorded their second release, self-produced by Mark Wells and mixed by Andrew Scheps. The band performed live shows in Los Angeles and Hollywood throughout Summer, 2012, and supported Slash on his UK "World on Fire" tour, 2014.
Bombs on the BLVD   Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar   Los Angeles based band with Rock, Funk, Latin and Hip-hop roots. Album forthcoming in 2015.
Chris Buck solo project   Lead Vocals   The Welsh-born guitarist, Chris Buck, is set to finish and release his premier album in 2012 with veteran producer, Alan Niven, at the helm.